New powerful antioxidant

A team of researchers from the Institute of molecular and cell biology in Valencia has revealed a powerful natural antioxidant of plant origin. Of tomato plants during exposure to its biotic stress get previously unknown phenolic compounds with strong antioxidant properties.

New antioxidant 14 times stronger than other known substances, such as antioxidant from red wine resveratrol, which slows the aging of cells. He also 4.5 times stronger than vitamin E and 10 times stronger than vitamin C.

A new substance can be applied in the food industry as a preservative or as an inhibitor of lipid oxidation. The antioxidant can prevent prokhorkina oils and extend the shelf life of many products.

Antioxidants also help prevent coronary heart disease and cancer, so a new connection is valuable to the pharmaceutical industry.

Scientists have developed a simple and cost-effective laboratory synthesis of a new antioxidant. When the tomato plant reacts to stress, activates the mechanisms that alter the level of phenolic compounds. A new substance is also useful as a stabilizer in the production of fibers and rubber products. And the cosmetic industry can use it for making money on skin care products due to its anti-aging properties.

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