An increasing number of Russian regions could not cope with the problem of rational management of the funds of compulsory medical insurance. In this regard, it was proposed to transfer the appropriate authority in the Federal government.

The law "On compulsory medical insurance of the Russian Federation" will soon be corrected with the help of the amendments that have already referred to the Committee on health.

The bill carefully outlines the procedure for transfer of functions relating to health insurance, the Federal government. In accordance with the innovation, territorial insurance Fund ceases to receive subsidy, and previously issued and not used yet refundable.

The press service of the Committee on health also announced the consideration of the draft law "On the donation of blood and its components". The adoption of this law will clarify the following questions:

• clarification of many of the nuances of the donation;

• govern the procedure for handling of blood and its components (procurement, storage, transportation and use).

Consideration of these two documents will occur at the meeting on 6 June.

The Committee also decided to start the creation of some new Advisory councils. In the plans of the Committee for fall 2012 include a round table on the topic of aging of the Russian population.

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