New lenses can save burnt eyes

Teachers Kemerovo state University together with the students invented a special ion-exchange lenses that are designed for use in the treatment of eye burns. Know-how has already passed the appropriate examination at the Moscow scientific research Institute of physico-chemical medicine, Federal medical and biological Agency of the Russian Federation, and was patented. At the moment it is preparing to release in the small innovative enterprise, established on the basis of the Kemerovo state University.

Lenses can be used as first aid for chemical o thermal eye burns of various degrees exactly when we are talking about seconds to save the patient's vision. These lenses are particularly relevant in helping miners injured during the emergency on mine.

Lenses are made from a gel material. They should be "put on" the eyes of the victim at the time of its transportation to the hospital. The special composition of the lenses is designed to neutralize harmful substances that affect the eye during the burn. After some time, the lens must be replaced with new. As reported by the researcher MIP Valentina Zhevniak, ion lens plays a role disposable sterile bandages during its installation and removal from the affected eye burns.

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