New knee for arthritis patients

British scientists claim that soon the patients with arthritis will be able to grow new knee joint. A team of researchers from Newcastle University is working to be effective against osteoarthritis. Each patient has their own strength, to restore the joint, if you enable these forces are in the early stages of the disease, plastic or metal prosthesis is not required.

Arthritis causes cartilage degeneration, which is necessary for our joints under bending and tension. New development scientists on the basis of stem cells will use "basic cells", which will become necessary in patients types of cells, for example cells of the cartilage of the joint. Scientists are considering two options : stem cells and their subsequent feeding or potential development cells in the joints, i.e. the procedure of building will happen inside the body in itself cartilage.

This technology is primarily aimed at the treatment of the disease at the initial stage, the code, the build will be pretty fast.

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