New hope for thousands of blind people

A new drug developed by Australian scientists, can help thousands of people suffering from hereditary eye problems. A clinical study showed that a quarter taking Idebenone patients for 24 weeks improved vision that they've been able to read all the letters of the first two lines on a standard table definition view.

British researchers say that this is the first drug that can alter mitochondrial disorders. But first, a new drug has been tested on a larger number of patients and approved by the European experts.

Many suffer from severe decay of view, patients will be able to more freely move, turn the ability to vary the image - quality of life of patients will increase significantly.

62 suffering from hereditary disease, optic neuropathy Leber's patients in the experiment was given a new medication. From optic neuropathy suffer in the UK only about 2000 people, this disease normally seers man loses sight within six months on one and then on the second eye. Patients took the drug for 24 weeks, their vision has improved significantly compared with the control receiving the placebo group.

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One third of patients were able to read the first line on the eye chart. Medicine clears toxic molecules in the eye, damaging the optic tissue.

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