New drugs will help to protect against cancer recurrence

Further development of medicine will allow, after the victory over cancer to fix the result and not allow the tumor to reappear. Now oncologists in most cases, can achieve victory over cancer. However, it is not always the result can be considered stable in the later stages of malignant tumors sooner or later come back.

As an example, scientists lead to melanoma or skin cancer. Special immunological drug should significantly increase the life expectancy of people with one of the most malignant forms of cancer. About his views, says the chief doctor of the Central University hospital of Helsinki, Petri Bono.

"This is the first immunological drug, with which you can show that it improves long-term prognosis, that is, some groups of patients it prevents the re-emergence of the disease", commented Bono.

While neither the names nor the exact mechanism of action of a new drug no one opens. The tool must go through a full range of testing to prove their efficiency in the framework of modern medicine.

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