New drug can cure hepatitis in a superfast time

Just three weeks to cure hepatitis C with a new drug. The authorship of the design belongs to a group of scientists from USA and China.

To date, this is the first means of having such a high activity against the hepatitis C virus. the Drug rapidly kills the virus and heals the patient from one of the most serious diseases. In it was composed of virus particles and proteins that can help with the disease.

The drug was tested on 18 volunteers with hepatitis C. three weeks Later, all patients managed to cure from viral diseases. After 12 weeks, patients disappeared all symptoms. Negative reactions to the introduction of medicines were observed, most patients well tolerated the treatment.

While the new medicine didn't get to the doctors used traditional means, requiring long-term therapy. It is not always courses of treatment yield the expected results. The scientific community hopes that soon will be a revolution in the treatment of hepatitis C and the disease will cease to be so dangerous to humans.

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