New discovery of American specialists: "boring" diet

A new study found that daily monotonous menu is a great way to lose weight. Experts from the University of Buffalo and Vermont found that women who in the past seven days ate the same macaroni and cheese, were scored daily for 100 calories less.

According to the data, which were published in the American journal of clinical nutrition, daily monotonous food is addictive, and, as a consequence, the person begins to use her smaller amount. Researchers have already named his discovery "boring diet, but it is, in their opinion, is the key to losing weight. The new diet there are also opponents who said that the daily intake of the same food can cause the development of eating disorders.

The fact that for the normal function of the body requires good nutrition, which includes all the necessary minerals and elements. If possible, it is necessary to minimize the consumption of sweets and processed foods, but as opponents claim monotonous diet, it can cause irreparable harm to those who wish to lose weight with it. And to be healthy, we need to listen to your body and eat only those foods that are needed.

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