New cure for psoriasis passed the test security

Experimental cure for psoriasis showed a reduction of symptoms by 75 percent (and in some people to 82 percent) compared with those who took an already existing drug methotrexate. However, among users of new drugs briakinumab were common side effects. Scientists from Hamburg spent testing drugs on 317 volunteers with severe forms of psoriasis. Half of the participants, selected at random, received 200 mg injection briakinumab in the first four weeks and 100 mg in the next four weeks of the study. Other volunteers received 5 mg and 25 mg of methotrxate weekly.

After six months of research, it became clear that among those metotrexat improvements were only 40 percent among testing a new drug - 75.

Psoriasis suffers 5 million people in the U.S., this is a disease that causes spots, scabs, skin inflammation, silvery scales. Psoriasis affects any frequent body, including the legs, genitals, mouth, scalp.

However, there is a danger that Вriakinumab induces a strong immune response and leads to disease. For example, two people from the test group was diagnosed with cancer. Although difficult to determine whether to blame Briakinumab, these results require additional studies of the drug's safety. The first tests have revealed several cases associated with heart diseases among drug test. However, the application for approval of control bodies of the USA as a certified drug has already been submitted.

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