New criteria for autism

Experts of America offers several new, more strict diagnostic criteria for autism. If these criteria will take into account the number of people with this diagnosis is sufficiently reduced.

As shown by the study, patients who had a disorder in the autistic spectrum, beginning gradually becomes more (it says about autism and many other diseases), even after changed the diagnostic criteria (1980). They were carried out by American psychiatrists. To date, a number of U.S. regions such are diagnosed every hundredth baby.

During this experts argue that the number of diagnoses occurs through the vagueness of the criteria, which happens overdiagnosis of mental disorder. But with the proposed changes, the epidemic of autism will stop.

We also learned that scientists re-analyzed the results of the survey, which was conducted in 1993. With it developed many of the existing criteria of autism. Special attention is paid to 372 people who had the lowest disease severity. Scientists have concluded that only 40% of them "deserve" the diagnosis of disorders in the autistic spectrum.

Diagnostic criteria developed by scientists, submitted to the American psychiatric Association, which created the fifth revision of the Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorder - the main document, which was determined with tactics of diagnosis. The operational manual will be completed by December this year.

To date, the diagnosis of autism put, if the patient has six or more of the twelve specific behavior. Given the new guidelines, in order to put such diagnosis is required to identify the patient at least four manifestations of deficiency of social action and several actions that are repeated, and these have significantly fewer patients.

In addition, experts suggest not to allocate a separate form of autistic disorders, such as Asperger's syndrome or pervasive disorders, and to unite them so that they stranded the same name "disorder in the autistic spectrum".

Given the new criteria of diagnosis will lose about a quarter of people with "classic autism", about a quarter of patients who have Asperger's syndrome and about 85% of people with pervasive disorders identified using the criteria of 1993.

Due to potential changes in the diagnostic field of autism caused concern for each family member of a person with autism. After all, managers need to monitor the impact of diagnostic changes in the availability of medical services.

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