New contraceptives for men

It is considered that the list of methods of contraception for men is very poor - only condoms and vasectomy. However, scientists will soon have four new methods of male contraception.

Testosterone gel. Teaching at the University of Washington have invented injection of progestin in combination with regular application of testosterone gel. The tool showed good results and liked the majority of subjects.

Removable vasectomy. Set "forks" from the American company, which operates on the principle of vasectomies. It does not affect reproductive function during short-term use, but clinical trials in humans have not been conducted.

Oral contraceptives for men. Researchers from Columbia University announced that it found a non-hormonal drug that acts as a means of contraception in male mice. Will it work on men, show trials.

Dry orgasm. Researchers from king's College London have found that some drugs have side effects in the form of a dry orgasm in men. And if there is no sperm, then don't and pregnancy. This drug is taken a few hours before intercourse and is effective from 12 to 24 after the adoption, after which all the functions of the male organs are restored.

So that in a short time, women will be able to pass a function to control contraception for men. However, it should be remembered that all these new methods will not protect from sexually transmitted infections.

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