New concept: microing

The abundance of food on the table, drinking alcohol, Smoking and watching TV take a few "microdisney a day. This new term developed by Professor of statistics at the University of Cambridge David Spiegelhalter. The reason for this was the desire of the Professor to find a simple way, which would assess the impact of bad habits for the duration of life.

It was based on the concept of fast and slow aging, and the unit of measurement were chosen 30 minutes of the duration of human life. He called this short period of time "microing".

On the basis of statistical data, he concluded that the man, the weight of which exceeds the norm by 5 pounds and who smokes a day or two cigarettes, one eats fast food, drink two to three servings of alcoholic beverages and sits two or more hours in front of the TV loses one "microing in the day.

At the same time, have the opportunity to receive a bonus of one "microsize" if people consumed less than one serving of alcohol per day, eating fresh fruit and vegetables, doing sports and taking statins, which lower cholesterol in the body.

Not only the above factors add or take away "microsize" in humans. Social factors and the environment also have an impact on life expectancy.

Thus, all women receive a 4 "microsize" day only because they are women. And man, living in Sweden, gets 21 "microing" more in a day than Russian.

By the way, if you compare the life expectancy in 1910 with its duration in 2010, we can say that it has increased by 15 "microdisney".

According to Dr. Spiegelhalter, he invented a new concept provides a rough estimate of the damages that cause bad habits. For a more accurate calculation it is necessary to do more research. Although, it is already clear that at this stage the "rapid aging" will not appeal to people who have bad habits.

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