New beauty - bodymodification Japanese

Japan has always had his own ideas of what is beautiful and sometimes surprising European residents. Today, young fashion Japanese have a new trend, for which they visit a beauty clinic. In them they are bodymodification under the skin on the forehead injected salt solution to form a volumetric cone.

The injection of large quantities Japanese are not for bumps, but for the sake of "doughnut", modifications of this cones, which turns into the original donut on the forehead should touch her finger. According to the "mods" procedure is not very pleasant and takes two hours, although its effect lasts longer than days, the demand is already quite high. Plus lies in the fact that at the end of the day the solution is absorbed by the body and the forehead takes the usual form without the slightest for him harm. This modification is carried out using conventional IVS and needles, and, as far as we know, does not threaten the health and do not pose risks. Fashion trend in the new Canon of beauty appeared among the youth due to a popular contemporary Japanese artist body modifier.

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