New antimicrobial material incorporated in Singapore

In Singapore has completed work on the creation of new antimicrobial material, reports Gizmag. He is able very quickly to kill germs on its surface, and also prevents the growth of bacteria that are resistant to the effects of antibiotics.

Scientists call their invention imidazolium oligomers. Just for thirty seconds, the material is perfectly coped with the task, killing 99.7% of bacteria E. Coli.

The molecular structure of the invention similar to the circuit. This allows this material to penetrate into bacteria by destroying their cell membranes.

Testing showed that the material has a wonderful ability – he quickly destroys resistant fungi and bacteria of type Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Candida albicans. They die 99,9% of the experiments in less than two minutes.

Important point – the safety of the new material. It has a positive charge, which allows him to attack bacteria, which are negatively charged, are not affected red blood cells.

This development, according to scientists, is able to fully replace triclosan.

The material can be powder, soluble in water. It allows you to conveniently use it in medicine and everyday life.

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