New antibacterial filling material

American scientists have managed to create some totally new filling materials with antibacterial properties, according to Medical Xpress. The representative of the University of Maryland Huakun Xu and his colleagues say that life was created by using innovative nanotechnology materials will be approximately ten years.

It should be noted that under the influence of special compounds, which are produced by the microorganisms, the process of destruction of tooth enamel, eventually what appears caries. The dentist removes in the treatment of softened mineralized tissue of the tooth, where the microorganisms. Part of this fabric dentist can not remove and inside of the tooth there is a small number of bacteria, and hence the reason for the occurrence of secondary caries becomes clear.

The researchers were able to create a fundamentally new antimicrobial materials that provide full reliability of the process of filling (this adhesive and primer). In the adhesive is silver nanoparticles. In addition, this material is well supported alkaline pH inside the tooth, as in the alkaline environment of microorganisms is limited production special organic acids.

The main component of the composite material steel nanoparticles of calcium phosphate. These nanoparticles help to quickly restore the proper level of mineral content of the tooth.

All the raw materials were successfully tested in the laboratory using special biofilms. The next step in testing will participate animals and people.

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