New accurate test for prostate cancer

Researchers and cancer Center at the University of California of Mr. Johnson, have invented a new test for prostate cancer, a much more accurate compared to conventional test for measuring the level of specific antigen prostate - PSA.

Urologist Zeng Gan notes that the new test will reduce the number of false diagnoses when a healthy male was diagnosed with cancer. In the old PSA test for diagnosing prostate cancer was used only one parameter, the new test involved several characteristic parameters.

The usual test for prostate cancer has been used for over thirty years and cannot differentiate between malignant and benign formation in the prostate, for example, a simple enlargement of the prostate in elderly men.

In 131 of the patient from Japan, France and Los Angeles was taken blood before surgery to remove cancerous tumors of the prostate, it was compared with blood of 121 people with benign tumors. On the basis of this experiment was derived accuracy of the new test.

The new test is accurate in identifying malignant tumors in men by 79 percent, compared with 52 percent accuracy of the old test. No illness was diagnosed with 84% accuracy, compared with 79 percent of the PSA test. The accuracy of the new method only 16 percent.

A more precise definition of malignant tumors and to reduce uncertainty will remain calm many men who previously could mistakenly be diagnosed prostate cancer. Unfortunately, our doctors the ability to do diagnostics on the new method will not be available soon due to low technical security.

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