Neuroscientists have proposed a new method for improving memory

From memory disorders are not insured by any one person. Scientists of all countries of the world are trying to unravel the mechanisms of memory loss. Based on the data obtained periodically issued new recommendations for improvement of brain function.

According to the results of recent studies, magnetic brain stimulation can improve memory. The effect, however, short-term and disappears within a day. The discovery made by scientists at northwestern University (USA) with the participation of volunteers in the age of 21-40 years.

People were magnetic therapy session. During experiment, volunteers were shown various images and pronounced certain words.

After some time, the volunteers were again shown images and asked to reproduce previously heard words. People who are electro-magnetic stimulation, have done much better.

According to the research results, performance brain after the procedure is improved by 20-25%. Scientists plan to use the method for the treatment of various brain pathologies.

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