Neuroscientists have found a gene forgetfulness

Not always forgetfulness can be explained by the aging process. In some cases it carries genetic nature. Blame DRD2 gene. This structure defines the synthesis of dopamine receptors II-type, the edition of Neuroscience Letters.

Gene DRD2 involved in the signal transmission using the neurotransmitter dopamine in the frontal lobe of the cortex. This part is where most of the processes associated with memory. The presence of one of the variants of the DRD2 gene affects the forgetfulness of man. So people much more difficult for a long time to remember large amounts of information.

Scientists believe that genetic intermittent forgetfulness is not just a character trait, and pathology, which is able to interfere in the work and everyday life.

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Data on the presence of the gene was confirmed in the study of 500 people. Approximately every fourth gene mutated: base cytosine is changed to thymine. Further testing proved that a variant of a gene with thymine partially defines the forgetfulness of man.

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