Neurological diseases can help to Jacques Chirac to avoid prison

Soon begins the trial of corruption over Jacques Chirac. If convicted, he faces up to 10 years in prison and a fine of € 150,000 on charges of embezzlement and breach of trust. Attorneys 78-year-old Chirac assured that they will be able to avoid a trial, thanks to a recent medical report - Jacques Chirac suffering anosognosia.

Anosognosia is poorly understood neurological condition in which the suffering they hurt constantly forgets that he is sick. The word will sit from the Greek words "noses" is a disease and gnosis - knowledge.

Anosognosia is a relatively common ailment after traumatic brain injury or stroke, it can lead to almost any neurological outcomes, including severe cognitive impairment (memory loss, impaired attention, and so on).

It is known that in 2005, Jacques Chirac, who suffered a stroke during his presidency in France. Often the disease is associated with Alzheimer's disease, when patients continue to argue that with them everything is in order and is not aware of his illness.

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