Nettle and its beneficial properties

These hairs are interesting defense mechanism nettle from herbivores. Each such protective hair is a separate cage. At multiple magnifications, it is similar in shape to the glass ampoule. Inside the thread is acid that can cause burns. When hair is even slightly comes into contact with the skin, the tip of his breaks, and contained a substance enters the body of the animal. Basically, nettle burns are painful but harmless. However, in New Zealand there is a nettle tree, which is lethal to living organisms.

Nettle is a common plant. It can be found in temperate regions in the Northern and in the southern hemisphere. In our country the most popular are two varieties: "hot" and "dioecious". In total there are more than 50 species of plants. This plant can be found in countries such as China, Canada, Germany, Japan, Poland, Australia and many others.

This plant and its leaves for many centuries used by people for different purposes. You can note the most common use cases: - In food. Some species of nettle are added to a salad, used for soups, sauces, used as a filling for pies. Known aromatic and useful tea from the nettle. - Medical purposes. The healing properties of nettle have long been known. In folk medicine it is used for preparation of various medicinal decoctions. It is scientifically proven that the decoction is useful for the hair, they are often recommended for people who suffer from hair loss. Business application. Up to the twentieth century from its leaves were actively made of a strong fabric that was sewn very durable sails, bags, made of string for bows, nets for fishing.

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Our ancestors believed that nettle has magical properties and is able to ward off evil spirits. Nettle mats were used as an amulet. - In the village of nettle Tula region for over ten years, the annual "Festival of nettle". - Nettle is a material for the manufacture of chlorophyll, which is widely used in perfumery and medicine.

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