Nephroptosis is a disease characterized by abnormal mobility of the kidney. It is worth noting that in the normal kidney is the renal bed. Nephroptosis is characterized by the displacement of the body in the cavity of the pelvis or abdomen. Disruption of blood vessels and possible kinking of the ureter contributes to poor blood supply to the renal parenchyma. As a result, there is a delay of urine and the development of inflammatory phenomena. The initial stage of nephroptosis can be asymptomatic. This is due to large compensatory capabilities of the kidneys. However, during this time you may experience irreversible changes in renal tissue.

Nephroptosis can develop as a result of the following reasons:

1. Dramatic weight loss in a short time. This phenomenon can be observed, for example, after an infectious process.

2. The presence of injury to the lower back and abdomen. Due to this factor, possible damage to the ligaments that hold the kidney, and education perinephral hematoma.

3. Pregnancy and childbirth. In such cases, nephroptosis develops due to constitutional changes and weakening of the abdominal wall.

There are 3 stages of development of this disease. For the 1st stage characterized by the possibility of probing omitted the kidney by means of the anterior abdominal wall on the breath. OK, palpation of the kidneys is possible only in thin people. In standing position, the appearance of unilateral aching, pulling pain in the lumbar region. In the supine position is the disappearance of pain.

the 2nd stage of nephroptosis is characterized by the release of buds in a vertical position from pogrebennoi area. Lying there is the return of the kidney in the hypochondrium. Lower back pain become more intense. Perhaps they can be distributed throughout the abdominal cavity. There is an increased pain during physical activity.

is the 3rd stage of the disease is manifested by the release of buds from pogrebennoi the field in any position of the body and the offset into the cavity of small pelvis. Patients complained of constant pain in the abdomen, which give in the waist. May cause blood in the urine after exercise.

The cause of the complications nephroptosis is considered to be impaired blood supply and changed the outflow of urine. The most common complications of the disease called pyelonephritis and increased blood pressure.

This disease is diagnosed primarily by means of a thorough patient examination and palpation of the abdomen. Confirmation of this diagnosis involves the analysis of blood, urine, ultrasound. In some cases, you can use a special radiopaque research methods. The purpose of the diagnosis is not only the detection of nephroptosis, but also identify possible complications of this disease.

In the absence of complications nephroptosis can be treated conservatively. It is recommended to wear a brace to take special physical therapy, which helps to strengthen the muscles of the abdominal wall. If the cause of nephroptosis is losing weight, you need to reconsider your diet and add an increased amount of body fat.

Late stages of the disease and the occurrence of complications accept the use of surgical intervention. The operation is to return the buds in his bed and its strengthening. To secure the body in the postoperative period must be observed 14-day pastel mode.

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