Neglecting a full Breakfast, men run the risk of having heart problems

According to scientists, school of public health (Harvard University), a strong half of mankind, which neglects a hearty Breakfast and replaces it with only a Cup of strong tea or coffee beverage, in consequence of a risk to get a development full of a bouquet of heart disease, which may cause death.

According to the conducted analysis for the period of 16 years (1992-2008,) from 27 thousand people in the age category of 45 to 82 years showed that the risk of the part of the men who did not have Breakfast as it should be, 27% higher than those who are constantly tightly ate in the morning.

In the study, researchers learned that in most cases, depriving yourself of Breakfast idle smokers or drinkers young people. Also harmful to eat at a later time. Because the male part of the population, which made it a rule to eat at night, 55% have a risk of coronary heart disease, which can occur due to insufficient blood supply in the coronary arteries of the heart.

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