Negative thinking is more common in people when lying down to sleep

Experts from the University of Binghamton conducted a survey of 1000 students. After that, the volunteers were asked to perform two tasks. During the experiment, the scientists observed the anxiety level of students and their tendency to loop on one thought, writes The Hindustan Times.

During the survey, scientists have identified a clear division volunteers for night owls and early risers. It turned out that "owls", sleeping late, often he had noticed negative thoughts.

We can assume that the "owls" harder to sleep in a normal day. Most people go to work early in the morning, and for the "owls" is a real feat. It is difficult to speak about a good mood and high performance when sleep is not more than five hours.

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Scientists are advised to monitor their own regime and try to sleep at least 6-7 hours per day. It is advisable to go early: the early hours have a higher energy value.

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