Negative perceptions of people who use Botox

Using invasive methods against signs of aging people, for example Botox injections or surgery, may be perceived more negatively than those who use face creams and other care.

Scientists from the University of Toronto conducted a psychological study, according to which young people speak out against Botox more negatively than adults. The results show that despite a rapidly growing industry in the field of anti-aging, hiding his age was not acceptable in society. So you need to be aware of the negative effects of aging, such as rejection in society.

In research took part 122 young man aged about 19 years and 123 elderly people 70 years, research has shown that adults are more loyal to those who use any means to look younger. The younger the generation reacted negatively to people who were trying to look younger than by improving lifestyle and creams, and with the help of Botox injections and suspenders.

Apparently society is not yet ready to abandon the differentiation of people by age, hiding the signs of ageing puts the majority of its members in a dead end and is not perceived by society as a positive phenomenon.

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