Need to sleep without clothes - scientists

Need to sleep in a cool room and without clothes. This was the conclusion of an international group of scientists assembled by the National sleep Foundation in the United States. Enough to sleep naked, to lose a few extra pounds and improve their own health, writes Deccan Chronicle.

During sleep the human body temperature should be reduced by 0.5 degrees. Then comes a sound sleep, the vessels dilate, activates brown fat, which, when the temperature of the body is destroyed, which leads to the release of heat and weight reduction. Recent studies show the presence of brown fat not only in children but also in adults.

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Besides the weight reduction, sleep in the Nude with a partner affects romantic relationship with your partner. A recent study conducted by scientists from the UK, confirms this theory. 57% of people sleeping naked with their partners, were happy in the relationship. Only 48% could say the same, sleeping in pajamas.

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