Neck pain - beach smartphone owners

In a new study, scientists from the British chiropractic Association called common lately, kind of a pain in the neck "mobile pain", as it appears in people who spend a lot of time staring at your mobile phone or tablet computer. Long flexion of the neck can be the beginning of the development of arthritis.

So long as the tablet and smartphone come in a wide access such cases has increased considerably, according to scientists from the clinic in Leeds. In particularly difficult cases, the muscles adapt to constant sognatore provisions and their owner can no longer straighten the neck without pain.

The joints in the neck can't be in a bent position for a long time, however, users of smartphones and tablet computers is carried out in such provisions watches. Over time, the natural curve of the neck seems unnatural to the body curvature occurs.

To avoid this condition, you need to regularly break away on their devices and to stretch the neck. The average human head lead from 4.5 to 5, 5, kilogram, and flexion increases the load on the neck, about the same as if you held these five pounds at arm's length.

Doctors warn "mobile pain - can become the Bane of the modern generation.

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