Nebulizer: how to correctly choose and use

Currently a big problem become acute and chronic respiratory diseases. This has a lot of contribute to a weakened immune system, a cold season, typical of a large area of our country and bad ecology. Treatment of respiratory and allergic diseases, as a rule, is complex, including not only the skin and expectorants, but different inhalation.

Increasingly, doctors and pharmacists recommend for carrying out such treatments to use at home nebulizer. The device allows inhalations in comfortable and familiar surroundings. To use the device is quite simple, and the effectiveness of procedures does not yield the fact that you can get in a hospital or physioroom.

Advantages of nebulizer

The advantages of using a nebulizer that the procedure requires a very small dose of the drug. This is due to the technology of the device, at which the solution is converted into a fine aerosol and, therefore, the drug is not deposited in the upper respiratory tract and enters the bronchi and alveoli.

The features of the models

Choosing a nebulizer, you should consider the pros and cons of various models. As a rule, cheap, low-end devices equipped with a less powerful and uncooled compressor. This device is designed for infrequent use, because after 10-15 minutes of operation requires a long break (40-60 minutes). For families with multiple children will be more suitable compressor nebulizer (nebulizer). In this case, the procedure can be done one after the other, the inhaler can work up to a day without a break.

Precautions in the use of the nebulizer.

The fundamental difference between the nebulizer from the inhaler - it warms the used solution, and just spray it. Therefore, the medication in the chamber should be poured at room temperature and not from the fridge (there is a risk of getting angina).

Not recommended for use in nebulizers decoctions of herbs and oil solutions. Besides the fact that quickly become clogged and useless nebulizer chamber, it is likely to have an allergic reaction (75% of the sprayed substance is deposited on the mucous membrane of the bronchial tubes).

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Observing these precautions, it is possible to obtain the maximum therapeutic effect and at home, and not spend time on the road and queues in clinics, and, as a consequence, to avoid unwanted contact with sick people.

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