Nearing the era of "vegetarian meat"

Scientists have created a full-fledged substitute for meat, did not differ in their appearance and taste from its original versions. In fact, the so-called "pseudomys" consists of one hundred percent vegetable ingredient, writes The Times of India.

According to the developers so original product, participants LikeMeat" (the name of the European project) its production is markedly different security in respect of ecology. Plus, the majority of EU citizens mentally prepared to fully reject the meat, because nature is rich with plants that are able to replace it.

Florian Wilde initiator of the project of the Fraunhofer-Institute commented: "Our goal is to get herbal substitute for meat on an industrial scale. It just needs to be juicy, possess flavor and fibrous structure, i.e. be present meat. Another extremely important because they are long shelf life, and have a relatively low cost. Ideally, the meat substitute can be used not only vegetarians, but also suffering from allergic people".

It is also known that in the development of "pseudomys" involve the staff of the Austrian University of life Sciences and natural resources (Vienna), University of Wageningen and 11 companies involved in the food industry. Today in laboratory conditions has already been purchased and tested a prototype factory, which will produce "vegetarian meat".

Scientists assure us: "Our mini-factory is capable of producing sheet "pseudomys" thickness of the order of 1 centimeter. Such sheet can be turned into schnitzels, burgers, diamonds, or to give them any desired shape. Within 1 hour we will get about 60-70 pounds of "vegetarian meat". Product quality and consistency scientists are quite satisfied.

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