"Nature deficit" - the suffering of children in today's world

"Nature deficit" - the term coined in 2005 by a number of journalists in Britain and, apparently, in the near future may become relevant.

The point here is that in the UK and EU since 1970, steadily increasing rate of obesity, mental disorders and suicidal tendencies among children and adolescents age group of 18 years. According to the testimony of child psychologists, that the fault lies in such a fact - children of the present generation have traded actively playing outdoors with their friends, unhealthy pastime for newfangled gadgets and prolonged sitting in front of the computer.

As a result of the studies, researchers found the performance and speed of thinking in children can be several times increased if the number of classes will be held outdoors. At the same time during games and natural communication with peers and friends, develop social skills, according to most child psychologists, serves as a guarantee that the child will become a complete person, which is protected from various psychological disorders.

However, "the Syndrome of deficiency of nature" or "nature Deficit" in spite of some obvious signs and symptoms, it is difficult to call it a disorder or a disease - it is likely to way of life. Believed to doctors: "Parents should first of all think about the fact that their offspring as much time as possible was in the fresh air. There may come a casual walk around the yard, in the Park, as well as trips and picnics for the whole family.

In parallel, the British Association of psychotherapists recommended schools and preschool institutions, as often as possible to organize training sessions or any cultural activities in nature. Some of the neurological disorders, such as, for example, recently advertised so the Syndrome of Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can just nature in its manifestations to significantly weaken.

Parents are also advised not to go on about their children or to arrange a competition with other parents in terms of their exceptional generosity. Many games in tablets, phones, and PC according to the results of several studies in a child significantly reduce his cognitive abilities, in other words its psychological and personal development is reduced. Ultimately from their peers who spend a lot of time in nature, they differ less than intellectual abilities.

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