Natural dezodorant "Crystal"

In these modern times, quite difficult to find a natural deodorant that will not contain parabens. Most of these deodorants are made luxury cosmetics company. Of course, they are not available due to high cost. Fortunately, more recently there have been new to our market, the product is completely natural deodorant Crystal". So, according to the label, natural deodorant crystal freshness is hypoallergenic and natural product that has no scent and does not contain parabens.

Because this deodorant is made abroad, the data and information about the manufacturer, as well as the whole composition translated into Russian and Ukrainian. This translation is glued separate naklejki on the label.

Deodorant Crystal" is designed to protect your body from unpleasant smells of perspiration during the day. He also received the highest score among many other deodorants for safe and natural health components. It includes also the ammonium alum and natural mineral salt.

How to use "Crystal".

To start, you little wet deodorant, and then apply it on the skin after a shower or bath. It creates an invisible protective film on the skin that prevents the multiplication of bacteria that is the cause of bad breath. This deodorant does not cause allergies. It also does not contain zinc, aluminum salts, preservatives, parabens and fragrances. Also on the skin does not feel sticky, and "Crystal" leaves no marks or stains on the skin and on clothing. It's possible to fully rinse with water and is decomposed at 100%. He has not been tested on animals, and it is completely safe even during extended use.

But also there are contraindications despite the fact that it is completely natural. The one contraindication: hypersensitivity to the components or elements.

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Using "Crystal" for the first time, you need to moisten it with water a little more, than the next time. This is needed to make a little "rasmalai". Next, you need to moisten it not as much, just a little bit. This deodorant is recommended as the primary tool for many doctors (dermatologists, oncologists, allergists) primarily for people with allergies and various skin irritations from other antiperspirants and deodorants. Therefore, deodorants "Crystal" is a great choice for people who want to live a healthy lifestyle.

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