Natural cosmetics and its positive properties

Currently, in almost any magazine can be seen advertisements about cosmetic tool with these or other miraculous properties. And any woman who thinks about the state of their skin, will turn on the exclusive cream their attention. That's only really cosmetic benefits to our body?

It is known that the structure of modern cosmetics are tools that are not only useful but also harmful to our body. After unsuccessfully bought gel beautiful half of humanity begins to pay attention to natural cosmetics.

Useful properties of natural cosmetics must be appreciated, it doesn't include parabens and petroleum derivatives harmful for the skin. Only modern manufacturers, to deceive the gullible buyers, write on the labels of their products: "natural cosmetics", and many of the ladies are in a hurry to grab a coveted bottle from the shelf without reading it.

How to choose a truly natural cosmetics? First of all note on the certificate of the selected product: natural cosmetics has a kind of "license" issued by international certification bodies. You should know that the sign of the certificate should be on every cosmetic product, otherwise no responsibility for the natural components shall not be.

If the certificate does not inspire confidence, it is necessary to look at the composition of the selected item: if the turnover are component names ending in-EN, al, ar, EN, or ol, a major constituent of your favorite shampoo or gel - chemicals.

It is worth remembering that in natural cosmetics natural components not less than 50%, and the organic components is not less than 95%. Organic cosmetics implies that all its ingredients - in most cases, products of agriculture GMO.

It would not have sounded corny, but you need to look at the shelf life of the product, and you should pay attention to shelf life: it should not exceed one year, many cosmetic products are stored at a certain temperature or in the refrigerator.

When choosing a line of cosmetic products must not look to rates or beautiful appearance, and customer reviews on the Internet: good cosmetics will always commend itself to the mouth of the user.

Important fact: natural cosmetics are not always smells good and looks perfectly. In most cases, cosmetics almost no color or no pleasant smell, but the main use.

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