Nasal spray from anxiety and stress: in the future, in every first aid kit

Scientists of the max Planck Institute has created a drug from brain disorders and stress and to release it decided in a nasal spray.

Medicines to regulate brain activity, in particular States of the brain during stress, existed long ago, but earlier for the full impact, they had a long way to go - through the gastro-intestinal tract, liver, and only then to reach their goal, which led to lower their effectiveness and side effects.

Now scientists have found that acid neuropeptide S can affect the brain directly. Through the mucous membranes of the nose is inserted into the body using a spray and begins to be active after 30 minutes, a full-fledged anti-anxiety effect occurs within 4 hours.

Despite the fact that scientists have tested the tool on mice, the exact principle of its action is still not completely clear, it softens some of the signals in the emotional center of the brain, thereby reducing the feeling of anxiety.

"Spray for the nose on the basis of anxiolytic neuropeptide can be a real panacea for people suffering from panic attacks due to its fast effects", say psychiatrists.

Besides nasal spray may be subject to number one in the medicine Cabinet by jujube ambulance and rescue services, because those distressed people often need a way to recover from the shock.

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