Nasal spray for the treatment of relations

Scientists from the University of California have found a way to increase man's power with the help of a new nasal spray. Previously spray on the basis of oxytocin - the hormone of arms - was designed to help shy people to overcome their insecurities and make them more socially open.

Now scientists have found that oxytocin has an effect on male potency, nasal spray significantly increased libido in subjects, and increased satisfaction from sexual intercourse. The spray helps to get rid of erectile dysfunction, the cause often lies in the psychological sphere. To obtain a stable effect, subjects used the spray twice a day for two months, the effect of the spray was gone after a day without its use.

In the body of women, this hormone is produced particularly during feeding and childbirth, and the male organism, this hormone is responsible for sensitivity to others ' emotions. Among both sexes increased level makes people more confident.

Additionally, a new drug has an amazing impact on the emotional component of the relationship. Man after its application becomes more affectionate and caring, often resorts to tactile contact. However, it is worth noting and side effects of medications, quite a strong change patterns of behavior that can excite family and friends using the spray man.

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Doctors believe that soon this spray will become one of the most sold in pharmacies in different countries, for a long time surpassing the leader of the drug "Viagra".

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