Nasal spray delivers drugs directly to the brain - scientists

It is proved that not all drugs tablets are well absorbed in the brain. As a result, people must consume large doses to achieve the desired therapeutic effect. However, scientists from the University of southern Denmark and Aalborg University have been able to solve this problem. It is possible to develop a nasal spray for the introduction of non-standard drugs, writes The Times of India.

Experts believe that the intranasal route of administration of drugs helps to deliver the active ingredient faster and with greater efficiency. Scientists compare this method with the introduction of the drug. For example, inhalation of cocaine drug intoxication occurs almost instantly.

Note, not all drugs are well absorbed through the mucosa of the nasal cavity and into the brain. The worst penetrate polymers, large molecules consisting of a large number of duplicate atoms.

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But polymers can be used as a carrier. The mixture of polymer, drug and water will create a new way of application of medicines.

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