Nasal filter will help Allergy sufferers to experience seasonal rhinitis

Scientists have developed a nasal filter which is installed directly into the nasal cavity and prevents the ingress of allergens, according to CHealth. The development was named Rhinix, its dimensions do not exceed one centimeter. The filter keeps dust, pollen, and most of the spring-summer allergens.

Pitter Kenny, the study's lead author from the University of Aarhus (Denmark) says: "the Filter has the structure of a flexible frame. After implantation, the filter is almost invisible. The density of the filter does not interfere breathe freely, while mesh traps particles that cause rhinitis"

The different filter traps allergens depending on its density. The novelty has already had time to test on 24 volunteers with allergies to pollen. Within a few hours people were exposed to the effect of air with pollen-allergen. According to the data obtained, the filter reduced the intensity of allergic symptoms by 21%. Decreased itching and sneezing, irritation of the throat. The filter allowed people with allergies breathe normally.

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It should be noted that the filter is disposable, and one grid is enough for one day. Does not help the development of Allergy-related eye irritation.

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