NASA talked about the five potentially habitable places in the Universe

Some of the theories about the existence of life beyond Earth can be a reality. Most of the views related to this question relate to Mars, according to Indeed, on this planet has all the conditions for the emergence of bacteria and other basic life forms. However, despite the relatively close location and information coming from the Rovers, confirm the theory yet.

Europe, a satellite of Mars, has a more comfortable environment. Scientists call it a possible new home for people in the event of a global catastrophe on our planet. Aware of the presence in Europe of oxygen and traces of geysers.

Even scientists consider Saturn's moon Enceladus. Its geological activity experts have already managed to confirm.

There are quite unique specimens of the planets, however, they are located outside the Solar system. So, scientists found a copy of the Earth. On the planet Proxima b has all the conditions for the emergence of life.

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