NASA showed "boarding" of New Horizons at Pluto in color

NASA published on its website the video of the convergence of New Horizons with Pluto.

New Horizons is the first spacecraft kotoromu was able to fly up close to Pluto. The minimum distance at which there was a probe - 12.5 thousand kilometers. It happened in July 2015. Observations of dwarf planet lasted nine days, during which the probe gathered 50 GB of information. Data transfer to space Agency NASA took more than six months.

This is able to ascertain that on the surface of Pluto is cryovolcanism, moving glaciers, mountain ranges, and under it is likely to escape a major ocean.

When installing a video used more than a hundred photos in high resolution. Pictures were taken also during the approach to Pluto. To decorate the video was able to "color" camera Ralph.

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