Narrowing of cerebral vessels - symptoms and treatment

Narrowing of cerebral vessels is a pathological condition by reducing the internal diameter of vessels in this area, because of this and reduce the blood supply to the brain, can lead to serious consequences for the entire human body.

Basically, the narrowing of the vessels is due to the fact that on the inner layer of the vascular wall is a gradual accumulation and growth of atherosclerotic plaques. They gradually reduce the lumen of the vessel, in some cases leading to complete blockage. In addition, these plaques additionally injure the inner surface of the vessel wall, as a result, it begin to settle clots, exacerbating the process of narrowing of the vessel golovnogo.

The procedure, which can guarantee to identify areas of narrowing of the blood vessels, is a brain MRI. In this study, are images of a large number of slices, so skip any narrowing almost impossible.

The symptoms of this process depends on the severity of its occurrence and development. If the pathological process appeared suddenly, it may cause such life-threatening conditions such as stroke.

With the gradual growth process, the first signs will be frequent headaches migraine nature, dizziness, fatigue, and later to the clinical picture will be joined by a breach of the memory, then it will be all kinds of musculoskeletal disorders. At a later stage of the disease, the person may suffer from dementia, as well as the complete dysfunction of all organs located in the pelvic area.

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The treatment of this condition involves lifelong use of the sick man, drugs related to such groups as the statins (for example, mevacor), lecithin, vitamins, drugs with antioxidant effect, as well as special diet therapy. Also, doctors recommend to radically change the way of life: more time outdoors, as well as to expose the body dosed physical load.

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