Nanoparticles can help to cure cancer at the stage of metastasis

Experts from the Medical University of Missouri stated that they are on the verge of discovering a treatment for cancer at the stage of metastasis. It is known that this stage is the most severe, because the cancer eventually develops so that develops metastases, leading to the occurrence of secondary malignancies, which already can affect other organs. At this stage, the cancer is considered incurable.

In his study of American scientists used to fight metastases radioactive nanoparticles. Their use allows to eliminate secondary cancers that can save a person's life. Themselves nanoparticles are gold plated, and their material is radioactive lutetium. In addition, they processed the target substance, through which they fall into cancer cells and begin to destroy them. This gives you the opportunity to stop in progress forms of cancer.

It should be noted that the number of cancer deaths has surpassed AIDS and came in first place, and if this method proves effective, it will help save the lives of many patients suffering from cancer.

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