Scientists named the most unfavorable months for conception. In January, February and March, say experts from the UK, there is the additional risk that the child will not be in time for school.

Children conceived in January, February and March, born in the autumn, when the maximum deficiency of vitamin D. the Lack of solar energy affects the musculoskeletal system of children, increases the likelihood of rickets, sickness, deforming the bones.

Only the study researchers analyzed data on the performance of the 800 thousand children from Scotland. Data collection began in 2006 and ended in 2011. Then it took several years to process the material.

It was found that children conceived in January, February and March, are lagging behind their peers in school estimates of 7.6%. However, the situation is easy to fix. Enough to give the baby vitamin D for the shortfall of the substance in the body.

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