Nail fungus - methods of treatment folk remedies

I should say that in most cases it is more useful and effective is the treatment of nail fungus it is folk remedies, and not the various gels and ointments produced in laboratories.

In order to get rid of these diseases need to be patient. But in any case it is impossible to put nail fungus slide. Otherwise, the first nail will change color, and after some time start to deform.

Currently people know many ways how you can get rid of nail fungus using traditional means of treatment.

If the nails become thick will help Kombucha. Need to cut a small piece from Kombucha and attach it to the night to the sick nail. It is best to wrap or be plastered the place where you put the mushroom. In the event of such treatment on a permanent basis soon your nails healthy appearance, the Statute of strong and thin.

- If you have fungus on the nails and feet, then the first thing you need to do it to steam legs in solution with the addition of soda (for 3 liters of water, you will need one tablespoon of baking soda). Following the procedure, each affected part to be oiled celandine. This drug you can buy in any pharmacy.

- A great tool in getting rid of fungus is Kalanchoe. Cover the nail with a hole in a small piece of Kalanchoe and seal with adhesive tape. To change Kalanchoe and plaster need daily. You don't have to wait long for the effect of this procedure. If you'll be doing it every day, then soon you will see the hole pink color and a new healthy nail.

In order to get rid of nail fungus you need to constantly lubricate the affected area with tea tree oil. The course of treatment for 2 months.

- Above all in the fight against fungus help nasal drops "Pinesol". The thing is that they contain a large number of antiseptics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

- Not everyone knows that to fight the fungus by regular coffee. Brew coffee stronger and lower back arms or legs. Soon you will notice an improvement, as well as your skin will become softer and pain will disappear forever

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