Myths about the factors of longevity

Scientists from the University of California analyzed the data of sociological research from 1921, which was attended by more than 1400 children under the age of ten. To determine the life expectancy of the participants, they turned to the records of mortality and tracked the life of each Respondent.

Psychologist Leslie Martin and psychology Professor Howard Friedman with more than 100 graduate students debunked common myths about the social reasons of longevity and gave the world a new statistics about life expectancy.

First, the risk of early death is higher in children who had gone in first grade at the age of six, the child's body can withstand great stress, when you can not immediately adapt to the class.

Second, many advise not to work too much. Actually the longer people live, surrender to their work, because they have more motivation in life.

Thirdly, marriage prolongs the life of men, but not women, in their lifetime marriage has no effect.

Thirdly, the love and care of family will not be able to prolong your life, people with an active social position, helping others and in exchange for public recognition live longer.

Most importantly, what you have asked scientists of all people - not to worry over trifles, quit worrying enough vitamins in your salad, you are properly caring for the hair and other details. It is unlikely that your excitement will change the natural state of things, but you can significantly extend your life.

Remember - no matter married or not, surrounded by grandchildren and great-grandchildren or not, the duration of your life does not depend on others, self-realization in society will reveal to you in life a second wind. Your life is in your hands, kinda corny as it may sound.

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