Myths about sluhoprotezirovanie or hearing aid is the fate of the elders?

The more opportunities available to a person, the more likely it is creative, professional and social realization, and hence a happy life. We often do not use their abilities, and not because of external obstacles. Stereotypes about what is available to us and given, sometimes stop people since the very beginning.

One of the popular misconceptions is that hearing AIDS - the lot craptasic elders. However, these devices are designed for establishing hearing and hearing loss may develop due to injury or disease at any age. The most important indication for logoposition - hearing disorders, which cause reduced quality of life. Effective communication is necessary for family well-being, successful careers, maintain friendly contacts and just enjoying the endless Symphony of nature that so often eludes our attention because of the household and service concerns. If there are specific indications sluhoprotezirovanie applies even to children.

Most of us don't like to admit yourself sick, so a trip to the doctor postponed the deadline, saying it was temporary nature of phenomena or bad external conditions in which it is simply impossible to hear the information. Hidden from the eyes of loved ones (and even more out of doing Laura) attempts at self-medication, medicines and folk ways, in the best case, just don't help. It is important to understand that an earlier appeal to the audiologist-hearing care professional - a pledge may stop a process, not a last resort. Hearing loss is a consequence of the neurosensory changes that are irreversible. Therefore, delaying the visit to the doctor for fear to hear the diagnosis like a death sentence, the man himself is destroying their future.

Contrary to popular belief, the hearing aid does not contribute to the further hearing loss because it stimulates the ability of our brain to recognize the sounds.

Often people with bilateral hearing loss, consider that the improvement in hearing of their reach, however, binaural sluhoprotezirovanie (the use of two hearing AIDS can improve the perception of environmental sounds and successfully to determine the source of the sound, in particular, to understand where addressed to you people.

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