Myths about contact lenses

There are many different myths and legends about the advantages and disadvantages of a product. Myths about contact lenses a lot, they are considered facilities lenses, anyone can wear and what not to, what harm they can cause. Consider some of them.

Lenses shall not be worn by teenagers and children, a myth is it?Of course it's a myth, contact lenses can be worn all children without exception, but only when the correct condition of storage and use. Usually lenses are beginning to wear 8 years, but there are earlier cases carrying a child, contact lenses. Ophthalmologists recommend wearing lenses due to the fact that the child will not be able to hurt their eyes in the fall, as when wearing glasses.

The myth is that when wearing lenses cannot be painted?Paint can, but you need to know a certain order. First you need to wear lenses, and only then to apply cosmetics. In the evening, first you need to remove makeup from the face, and only then lenses. If you use sprays or hair spray, then cover your eyes to the lenses do not get the chemicals.

Is it a myth that contact lenses do not provide eye to breathe?And this too is a myth, as modern contact lenses made from such a material that allows oxygen to the cornea of the eye. Only, what oxygen was enough need proper storage of lenses that they do not accumulate dirt and dust.

Contact lenses need a lot of care.Contact lenses for care does not take a lot of time, it all depends on how long you wear your lenses. In medicine, special solutions are used, which are designed for you using. In the morning you will wear lenses, and can go all day about their business, and in the evening, put them in a mortar and rest peacefully.If you wear lenses - night, after coming home in the evening, just throw them in the morning put on new ones.

Lenses can bring injury to the eye.Many people who have not worn contact lenses, causing concern that they may cause injury to the eyes, to avoid this you need to see a specialist. The doctor will not only help you to find the appropriate lenses, but will also explain how to use them, not to cause harm. The rule of use of contact lenses is very simple and the patient in a short time masters this art. After what feels comfortable.

Contact lenses correct bad vision, myth?If you compare contact lenses and glasses, the lenses allow for more extensive review. In addition, they do not break and do not fog up. While sports enthusiasts and athletes lenses just necessary, they do not cause no facilities and correct vision.

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