Mysterious objects in the sky over Uzbekistan

On the night of the nineteenth of may this year, residents of Tashkent witnessed the appearance in the night sky a bright glowing object, which many eyewitnesses mistook for alien spacecraft. Immediately after the incident, the Network was published a few videos of the heavenly bodies. However, the experts gave the incident a more cautious assessment, saying that the unusual phenomenon was caused by the scattered fragments of ordinary orbital debris, burning up in dense layers of the atmosphere.

Experts note that the objects remained in sight of the witnesses for about fifteen to twenty seconds and was moving very slowly, which is unnatural for a fireball or meteor.

We will remind, the other day while studying photographs of the sun made using the latest telescope cor2, which identified four object passing close to stars that the UFO was immediately identified as a spacecraft. However, any arguments in favor of this interpretation still has been presented.

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