Mysterious ailment puzzled Israeli doctors

A mysterious illness is spreading in Israel. According to First channel, ITV, three perfectly healthy, and absolutely nothing to each other not related Israelis aged 30-40 years were victims of a mysterious neurological disease, testifies "NEWSru Israel.

Infectious disease specialists and neurologists are not yet able to establish the cause of development, in their opinion, a very strange disease. According to doctors, the injured just for some reason suddenly lost the ability to move with his legs and began to complain to the emerging vision problems, which turned out to be very serious.

These symptoms indicate that the disease is it is neurological in nature. However, the conducted tests for all known viruses and bacteria and did not reveal any pathogens that could cause the aforesaid higher variance. Currently, analyses of patients redirected in the laboratories of the universities of the USA, as well as NASA.

Israeli doctors rely on their foreign colleagues in establishing the diagnosis. Experts already tested many versions, which included infection caused by eating contaminated food and drugs. However, the tests gave negative readings.

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