Myostimulation - health care

Not all of us are willing to devote every day charges and physical activity. For such cases was developed electric muscle stimulation - gymnastics for “lazy”. The combination of myostimulation and natural movements - the best option for your health, but one more is not a substitute. Note that during stimulation activates all kinds of muscle and nerve fibers, as if it was massive attack.

This procedure is perfectly allows you to prepare your muscles for physical activity, then you have to engage the muscles is created for movement. The basic principle of muscle stimulator based on the use of pulses of electric current. Cutaneous electrodes transmit these impulses to the muscles, due to which they intensively reduced. The result is improved circulation, lymphatic drainage, causes the activation of the metabolism and, consequently, reduce the amount of fat cells. However, the main purpose of using muscle stimulator restoring and strengthening muscles.

Biostimulatory new generation allow you to work on different groups of muscle tissues, as well as devices equipped with neurostimulators, which are designed to relieve pain. Biostimulirutee allows you to reach deeply located muscles, which is impossible without specialized equipment. The main types of devices that widespread treatment and home electromyostimulation. In addition, stimulants are divided into types: full body, neck, waist etc.

Specify the main indications for the use of the device:

1) If overweight;

2) the Necessary correction;

3) flabbiness of muscles, or skin;

4) For removing stretch marks and cellulite;

5) to Improve circulation, lymph flow;

6) Treatment of muscle atrophy

7) Treatment of injured muscles;

8) Sports medicine.

In order not to harm your body, you need to know about contraindications:

1) of Implanted cardiac pacemakers and other heart disease;

2) Cannot be applied in viral diseases;

3) Pregnancy and lactation are contraindications;

4) There are gastro-intestinal diseases;

5) a Mental disorder;

6) Cancer and their ongoing treatment;

7) In the presence of chronic diseases will require the advice of a physician;

8) does Not apply to the device in places where there are broken bones and damage to the skin;

9) you Cannot use the drug on the throat and sides of neck;

10) Hypersensitivity from pulse currents;

11) After eating the apparatus is applied through an hour and a half;

12) blood Diseases, epilepsy, fever, hernia, hypertension, dermatitis - myostimulation is contraindicated.

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