Myositis back muscles - causes, symptoms, treatment

Myositis refers to the number of common diseases. Every man at least once in their lifetime experienced long stringy muscle pain in the back or neck due to, for example, incorrect body position during sleep. This pain is the main symptom of myositis. This disease is an inflammatory process in skeletal muscle. They are a little swollen and priuchayut, the patient feels discomfort in the affected area, aggravated by pressure on the inflammation.

The disease may have different localization, but the most common myositis back, neck and shoulders. The main feature of myositis back is that the pain doesn't subside even when the person is at rest. Myositis spins can be localized in the thoracic or lumbar regions.

Its causes are varied:

complications from sore throats, flu, colds, etc.,;

the presence of purulent processes;

the effects of trauma;

the presence of parasites in the body;

a DC voltage of a certain group of muscles;

stress, leading to muscle spasm;

sharp hypothermia, etc.

The progression of myositis back leads to the spread of pathological changes on neighboring hearth muscles, causing muscle weakness up to atrophy, man becomes difficult to perform normal everyday actions, causes coughing and shortness of breath.

Myositis back treatable through medication and folk remedies. Medicines prescribed by the doctor, aims to, firstly, to eliminate the cause of the disease, and secondly, to stop the inflammatory process. This medication active substance which is Ketoprofen or diclofenac providing local effect on the disease site. To relieve pain are prescribed analgesics in the form of pills, patches, and ointments. Recommended dry heat, which warms up the muscles, relieves spasms and reduce pain. The same effect can give therapeutic exercise. Good action on myositis back has a physical, electrophores, massage, the use of essential oils.

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The principle of the formulas for the treatment of myositis back, offer folk medicine, is also aimed at reducing the pain from the muscles. Recommends a variety of wraps and wrap the affected area. This applies to a warm potatoes, pre-mashed to pulp, leaves, burdock, cabbage, sprinkled with baking soda, honey, fresh-water sponge. The mixture needs to be put on the affected area of the back heat wrap and leave on for a long time.

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