Myofascial massage of the face or body

Massage is a mandatory procedure for skin care face and body. Using some techniques it is possible to treat various skin diseases, with the help of others to rejuvenate the skin, improve its condition, smooth out the wrinkles.

Using myofascial massage, developed by specialists from the USA, eliminates deformation of the connective tissue of the body, give it the form and allow free movement.

Deformation of connective tissue leads to loss of normal muscle contraction, so they begin to weaken. While filling other muscles and joints, and with the change posture pain. Violation of muscle tone changes occur in the form of clamps (spasms) and atony of the muscles, which, in turn, leads to the formation of facial wrinkles or sagging tissue in the zone of relaxation.

To correct these violations masseur runs deep study of the tissues with the muscle tension, the simultaneous opening of the deep tunnels of blood and softening compacted and scleratinian tissues of the body. Through myofascial facial massage to revitalize your skin, leaving it smooth, circulation, remove the double chin.

This massage begins with the head, working actively tendon and the ear, the muscles of the face and beard, under the beard. When the massage movements affect the mechanical coupling with the skin, relax muscles stroking, sliding. The tip of the fingers of the masseur feel the presence of muscle spasms and persistent age-related changes.

Massage cream and oil in myofascial massage is not used, which is useful for all skin types, including oily and combination skin. This type of massage involves subcutaneous fat, as the anti-cellulite massage, through which increases circulation in the area of fat cells, adipocytes, in order to release fatty acids. Performing massage in the area of lumps of fat, the therapist reduces them by increasing process ptosis of the buccal region.

The effects of massage can be noticed after conducting 2-3 procedures. Massage can get rid of muscle spasms and tension, wrinkles on the forehead, at the corners of his eyes, smooth nasolabial triangle. In this case, normal operation of the nervous system, improves blood circulation with the addition of oxygen and nutrients to the brain, normal heart rhythm and breathing, there is a persistent glow and fresh look of the face and body.

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