Mutations in genes can lead to severe obesity

According to news Agency news, geneticists were found in human DNA 7 unknown today, genes, mutations in which disturbed the real currency and develops obesity. This discovery was made in the framework of the project of the GIANT, whose goal is the study of genes that influence body weight, height, and other similar indicators.

Swedish scientists from the University of Uppsala were compared the genomes of more than 260000 residents of Europe, the result of which was identified 273 genes that affect the physical characteristics of the structure of the human body. It was also found that mutations in seven of these genes cause obesity. If changes have occurred in one or two genes, the person was observed obesity, mild, and if mutations were more than two, in this case identified obesity extreme forms.

According to one of the scientists Eric Engelson, their research found that severe obesity occur when the gene occurs a combination of more than one mutation. One mistake in a gene can lead to obesity in an easy manner.

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